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Case studies - Allied Bakeries (United Kingdom)

Contents are based on the information in May, 2006.

Installation report of Sandwich pancake machine SDR-KAM-60GA to the British biggest bakery

Allied Bakeries Ltd. (The headquarters: London) is the British biggest bakery with 11 factories and 8 delivery centers; which is one of the group of Associated British Foods plc.

They deliver their products to the British supermarket chains directly and they classify 4 brands such as KINGSMILL, Burgen, Allinson, Sunblest, according to the price range and quality.

In the United Kingdom, they have pancake culture and they have a pancake category. We can see £0.99 (220 yen in Japanese currency) single pancake pack in which is including 10 pieces as standard prices.

Sandwich pancake, however, will be introduced as value added items which differ from traditional pancakes. They will plan to introduce their sandwich pancake as “KINGSMILL2 brands which is the highest classification in June into the Northern Ireland and Scotland. And they plan to expand to the whole U.K in the near future.

As for filling of sandwich pancake, they will use strawberry jam and chocolate which are standard and popular in Europe. They will plan to extend another type of filling like caramel cream, orange marmalade and so on. Their shelf life will be set for 3-4 weeks.

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